Wednesday, June 18, 2014

You Know It's Hot When...

...your coconut oil is permanently liquid.

...while sitting on the couch, Jackson asks, "Why my hair wet?" go outside to cool off because you can at least feel a breeze.

...your children wake up with runny noses from the windows being open all night.

...your living room is so humid your legs stick to the couch. wish Mr. Miyagi could come catch all the flies that have come inside from the open doors.

...Jackson proclaims, "I can touch the roof!" after discovering a rip in the upstairs window screen. refuse to use the oven because it only adds to the heat.

...Maddie's legs are covered in heat rashes.

...showering is pointless.

...your living room thermostat reads 89°.

After over a week without any air conditioning and receiving multiple estimates on new air conditioners, we selected a small company to replace our entire dilapidated unit (furnace and AC).  They could not replace the unit the same day (or the next day) so they gave us a large unit to keep the nursery cool.

Two more days, over 10 hours of labor, and nearly $7,000 later, our house is now a cool 72°.

Ah, the joys of being a homeowner.  At least we shouldn't have to worry about heating or air for the next 10+ years.  Paying the mortgage, on the other hand, could be tricky.

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