Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ladies Man

This sweet, shy boy is coming out of his shell for the girls.

While at the park yesterday, Jackson was elated to find his favorite classmate, K, on the playground. I was surprised to see the family since neither of us live near this particular park.  I chatted with her mom, who is one of those genuine women who put you at ease. There's never awkward small talk with her. 

Jackson and K are the cutest things to watch. K was strutting around with Jack's Clifford while he chased her. He suddenly stopped, ran across the field, and came back with a flower for K. Jackson was upset when she had to leave. He sulked on the blanket with the babies. Then K approached Jack and handed him a flower she had picked. 

Fastforward to this afternoon at a different park. Jackson, James, Amelia, and Maddie were hanging out on the blanket having a snack. 

We had already been at the park for 45 minutes and I was beginning to clean up when a little girl and her father arrived. Jack isn't typically friendly with strangers, but he warmed up to her quickly. They played with his red ball and hid inside a tunnel. 

I gave Jackson a two minute warning while I loaded the trio in the van. I hollered that it was time to go. Jack said, "Wait. I have to pick a flower for my pretty friend."

He handed it to her, watched her smile, then walked away.

Ladies, get ready for this stud to woo you.

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  1. I love this! He has everything it takes to be a real ladies man....he has my heart ;)