Wednesday, June 11, 2014

It Is Finished

Okay, okay...I know I'm not Jesus. But I certainly bowed my head and exhaled this afternoon when I resigned from teaching. I may or may not have sobbed hysterically multiple times throughout the day.

I know resigning was the right thing to do.
I know we can't afford daycare expenses for four children.
I know I don't trust anyone else to come in my home and raise my children.
I know I am not only capable, but also enjoy providing fun, educational opportunities for my children.


I know how much I love being a classroom teacher.
I know how hard I worked to earn my master's degree and National Boards.
I know how monotonous being a stay at home mother is.
I know that life will only get harder with three toddlers and a preschooler.

I will always have a preconceived notion that stay at home moms are lazy. They lack the education, drive, and work-ethic to get a real job. They watch soap operas all day and demand their drinks be refilled with a shake of their glass.

I am not and will not be that kind of mother.
I want so much more for myself and for my children.
I want to give all of myself to my children while they need me most.
I want to be the one to watch each new milestone with pride.


That doesn't mean that today wasn't a difficult day.


  1. I can't even imagine how hard today was for you, and it probably won't help a thing by me telling you how proud I am of you for the decision you made. Believe it or not you were made to be a mommie.....

  2. Hey, friend. (Did you know I read your blog? I do!) Sorry it was a rough day. Whichever kids you spend your days with are lucky to have you - your own right now, and your students once you get back in the classroom. Love and prayers. xoxo

  3. Hi Mrs Robinson,
    It's Christina Grooms you taught my son Icenous (Ike) and then Leon the final year of the original Irwin IB. I have been reading your blog for awhile and today made me sad. I know it was hard to do what you did. However there are already so many children you have helped. Ike was headed for deliquency , you heard the stories. Lol. I can laugh now because something you did for my son that year turned it all around. I thank you in my mind every report card. You helped him figure it out. He is now taking Honors classes at Phillip O Berry. You did for him academically what no previous teacher could do. So for that chin up and keep that sucess story in your pocket. Thank you thank you and I will keep reading. Also Ike and Leon were so excited to hear about the triplets.

    1. Mrs. Grooms, I cannot tell you how happy this made me. You know Ike was my baby. You tell him I am so proud of him and I will always be one of his biggest cheerleaders. And I hope Leon doesn't get away with too much with those gorgeous dimples. You've been blessed with some amazing boys! I don't know how you stumbled upon this blog, but thank you so much for sharing such encouragement.