Wednesday, June 4, 2014

PT Update: Hip Helpers

Most of the time I forget all about any concerns that Maddie may have cerebral palsy. She's made such amazing progress in physical therapy. Then I see James and Amelia crawling everywhere and pulling up, while Maddie can't seem to get her legs to cooperate. I showed this picture to the PT yesterday because I didn't know how to correct Maddie when she frequently gets stuck in this position.

I also shared that Maddie keeps resisting some of the new exercises when I try to keep her knees together in a crawling position. We talked about how Maddie practically does a split when she is trying to reach over and grab something.

The PT suggested Maddie wear Hip Helpers to try and correct her hypotonia. Hip Helpers are basically bicycyle shorts with the legs sewn together. She said another client was borrowing the pair that would fit Maddie, but we could make our own. She asked me if we had any leggings a size too big. I grabbed a pair out of the closet. Since we have dozens of leggings, I let the PT trim the leg hole. We put both of Maddie's legs through one leg hole. Maddie was immediately off balance and fell over.

The PT explained that Maddie has strengthened her leg muscles but her core remains weak. Without using her trunk she is not going to be able to crawl or walk. We are supposed to make Maddie wear our DIY Hip Helpers for 20-30 minutes a couple of times a day.

When Maddie is wearing her legging, she is having to relearn how to reach for objects in a seated position using her core muscles.

It's disheartening to feel like we're starting over despite all the progress she's made. I just want my baby girl to catch up with her siblings.


  1. Oh no why is she crying :( She get caught up, she's a tough lil'bit!

  2. That's a neat therapy help. Very cool that the therapist helped create a DIY pair! Hoping Miss Maddie continues to make strides.