Monday, June 2, 2014

It Takes a Village

We so frequently visit family, but I don't post enough pictures. We had an eventful week visiting both sides of the family. Jackson accompanied his uncle and cousin to the lake on Saturday. Jesse and I took the trio to Jesse's parents to meet up with Jackson later that evening. 

James and Amelia are unimpressed by the chickens.

Jack and his MiMi share a snack.

James, Amelia, and Maddie took turns swinging.

Most PaPa's have a spare organ in their shed, right?

Maddie gets to "ride" the lawn mower.

On Sunday we attended church and a potluck lunch afterwards. All four kids have been in the nursery since they were a month old. The church nursery volunteer staff increased to accommodate our increasing family. While Jesse and I frequently disagree over church, I take great comfort and confidence in knowing that my children will be held, read to, and loved by so many members of our congregation.

After lunch we drove just over an hour to my brother's house for a birthday party. It was apparently a swim party, though I didn't get the memo. Thankfully, my sister brought a spare suit and towel for Jack. The kids wore themselves out in the pool before pigging out on hamburgers and hotdogs.

Hesitant to go swimming??

James is ready to dive in.

Jack spent most of his pool time in his Uncle John's arms.

Michael and James

Sisters holding sisters

This blanket comes in so handy! It's big, but still not big enough for all the cousins.

Bubble fun
Ethan and Amelia

My two favorite 5th graders (for a few more days, at least)

Between friends, family, and church family, we are very blessed to have a large village to help raise our kids.

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