Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Pulling Up = Trouble

These kids are so much fun, but they are also creating so much trouble! All three, including Maddie, are impossible to change. They roll over, pull up to sitting position, and crawl away. Sometimes I just don't have the patience required by diaper changes.

James is every bit as curious as Jackson. I constantly see James doing the same things that used to frustrate me when Jack did them. Number one on my list is pulling the trashcan down and emptying the bag. This is a daily thing.

Also like baby Jack, James is determined to crawl up the slippery bathtub.

It's time to lower all three cribs since they are each pulling up.

Amelia isn't very innocent herself. Thanks to her oldest brother's careless nature of leaving food unwrapped, I've caught her twice now pulling up on shelves to nibble on a pop-tart.

Amelia and James make quite the team when it comes to creating messes. They knock over and pull out play food, burp cloths, toy cars, pantry items, etc.

These three certainly keep things interesting!

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  1. We had a pop-tart incident this week too...it wasn't nearly so cute. LOL