Sunday, June 22, 2014

Return of the Wagon

You might recall several months ago the story where I became stranded with all four kids in the neighborhood when the wagon wheel fell off. I had to crawl on my hands and knees up and down streets while carefully balancing a wagon full of children. 

I wanted to revisit the wagon now that it's summer and we will go on many family walks. Jesse ordered a hubcap and the wagon is as good as new (or better). Except, we still don't have seat belts installed. James did not pass our test run in the driveway. He refused to sit down!

I pulled the girls and Jack while Jesse pushed James in the umbrella stroller. Initially, Jesse led, but I was uncomfortable not being able to see the girls. Jesse and I switched positions so I didn't have to keep turning around every 30 seconds.

Jackson took turns walking, pulling the wagon, and riding.

This is a bit mean, but I can't help posting this ridiculous photo of Amelia. She's always so photogenic. All three were asleep in their cribs shortly after we came home.

Next thing on our to do list: install seat belts. Go for more walks.

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