Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Are the Dinosaurs With Grandma?

After a two week hiatus, we returned to the beloved museum. While the museum is the kids' favorite place to go, it has become one of my least favorites. James, Amelia, and Maddie are at an age where their curiosity trumps their listening skills. The museum has dozens of rooms, though there are multiple entrances to each room. It's open enough for them to quickly escape but blocked enough that I can't see them from every angle. There is also a large staircase in the middle of the museum, as well as a huge water table. I consider it a success if I keep everyone dry and uninjured. It is stressful but manageable. 

I took the actual camera with me today so here are a few candid shots I was able to take this afternoon:

I like to go on Wednesdays because they have a weekly program at 2 pm for kids. This month they are focusing on animal adaptations. I posted a few weeks ago where Jackson was able to touch a snake and turtle. Today they had tanks out with cold water, arctic animals frozen in ice, frozen gel, and kinetic sand. The triplets were tired and uninterested. Jackson enjoyed exploring. The teacher in me kept thinking, why don't they have "blubber gloves" (aka ziploc bags with lard inside) to show how the animals are able to adapt to extreme cold.

We ended up running into a few friends at the museum. One of Jackson's friends wanted to watch the puppet show, so we all sat down below the stage. I always ignore the shows and performances because they are crowded, therefore making the other rooms less crowded and easier for me to keep an eye on my kids playing. All but James were totally engrossed in the show. It was a dinosaur talent show and each dinosaur came on stage and showed off his characteristics. It was bright and cheery, until suddenly the lights went out, a "meteorite" hit the Earth, and dinosaur skeletons appeared. That was the end!

I spent most of the ride home discussing why and how the dinosaurs died. What happened to the dinosaurs? Did they go to the hospital? Why are they bones now? Are they with grandma and grandpa?

Our trips to the museum seem to regularly provoke lots of questions!

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