Thursday, January 15, 2015

18 Months Old

I'm breaking away from the previous format of the monthly updates. Nothing has changed with eating habits or sleep schedules in several months, so I don't find it necessary to copy and paste the same thing for the fifth month in a row. The other reason I'm changing the format is because James, Amelia, and Maddie are unique individuals and I feel like the previously monthly updates lumped them together too much. So, here's the latest on our favorite trio:


Hobbies: throwing things, climbing on the couch, playing with the girls' bows
Dislikes: hunger (If James is cranky, it's almost always because he's hungry!)
Sayings: "uh oh" (He says this after he throws things.)
Challenges: James had a double ear infection earlier this month.


Hobbies: jumping on the couch, playing with baby dolls, giving kisses  
Dislikes: not having her blankie with her at all times
Sayings: Amelia is not very vocal, though she clearly communicates her wants and needs.
Challenges: picky eater at times


Hobbies: backing herself into your lap to sit down, demanding attention, looking at books, drooling
Dislikes: Maddie has developed a sudden phobia of baths. 
Sayings: "cat cat" Aspen is her favorite sighting every morning.
Challenges: Maddie throws her pacifier out of her crib in protest at bedtime, then cries herself to sleep. It is very frustrating.

The trio almost always stick together. Even in public, they generally stay in close proximity to one another. Here are some candid shots around the house:

And some at their favorite places

Happy 1.5 birthday!

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