Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Couch Climbing Woes

The couch might be the death of me. It has been an object of entertainment for several weeks now. Jesse and I both assumed if we let the kids climb the couch, and taught them to climb safely down, the excitement would wear off. 

Amelia thinks the couch is a trampoline. She does a popcorn jump where she jumps, bounces on her booty, and pops back up. I cannot leave the living room if the kids are near the couch because I have caught Amelia one too many times while she jumped off the couch. 

This is not the face of a crying, injured child. 

No, this is the face of a crying child who is unable to climb the couch.

My temporary solution is to cover the couch with the biggest toys possible. This doesn't completely prevent them from climbing the couch, but it gives me fair warning if they are close to climbing it. If I'm in the kitchen cooking dinner and I hear strollers and shopping carts crashing, I know I need to get back in the living room.

Surely there is an easier answer, but for now, this is allowing me to even the war on couch climbing.

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