Friday, January 9, 2015

Paci Addicts

Pacifiers have been sanity savers with all four of my kids. With Jackson and Maddie especially, we used pacifiers to try and avoid so much spit up. I give James a pacifer when we're at the museum so he doesn't put every toy in his mouth. Amelia is probably the least dependent, but it is a comfort, much like her yellow blankie.

A week shy from 18 months old, the trio have a pacifier in their hand or mouth over half of the day. I have no plans of taking their pacifiers away in the next few months.

Jackson started daycare at 16 months and was only allowed to take a pacifier at naptime. We stopped all use of pacifiers a week before his second birthday. We'll probably follow the same plan with the trio and cut pacifiers cold turkey just before age two. That way it will be during the summer and Jesse will be home to help me deal with potential crankiness or difficulty falling asleep.

Until then, it doesn't bother me one bit shoving a pacifier in their mouth to keep them calm or quiet!

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