Monday, January 12, 2015

2015 Reading Goals

The past 36 hours have mostly looked like this:

Toilet paper is cheaper than Kleenex

I've literally slept half of the past three days. The other half of the time I've been reading, blowing my nose, and sipping hot tea. Jesse brought home various cold medicines yesterday. I can't take the NyQuil again because I did not any move until 9 am this morning and I continued to feel groggy until this afternoon. I don't even know how long the kids had been awake or when Jesse left for work. Currently, I feel the best I've felt in a few days, so I hope whatever plague I contracted is making its exit.

Now, the real subject of the post...

I've been trying to determine what my reading goals are for the year. At some point last year I decided I would attempt to read 24 books during the year. While this is not a lot for an avid reader, it is a significant increase from any other year of my life (excluding grad school).

The problem with a goal of simply reading a certain number of books is that the books don't necessarily have to be high quality. Many of the books I read were quick, forgettable books, classified as "chick lit".  I completed most of the novels last year in a day or two, then didn't read a thing for a few weeks.

This year, I'm going to stick with 24 books, but I would like for the books to be award-winning, on NY Times Bestseller list, or have some other distinguishable element such as Oprah's Book Club. I would also like to include a variety of genres. (Though, let's be honest. One fantasy/sci-fi is likely all I can handle.) I also want to incorporate reading into my bedtime routine. Rather than read an entire book in a short period of time, I hope to stretch the time out and read a bit each night before I go to sleep.

On my short list, I have:
The Invention of Wings (50 pages left)
Orphan Train (January book club)
The Language of Flowers
All the Light We Cannot See

I'll write a quick review of each book on my Reading List tab. And I'm always open to suggestions

Happy reading, 2015.

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