Monday, January 26, 2015

Pinterest Toddler Entertainment

One of my friends created a board on Pinterest for toddler activities. The notification showed up on my phone this morning with a small picture of pipe cleaners in a colander.  I was cleaning after breakfast and put my phone away without clicking on the link.

Fastforward a few hours. The kids were especially clingy this afternoon. I grabbed some pipe cleaners and colander (both of which happened to be in the kitchen) and put in on the floor like so:

This spontaneous activity resulted in nearly half an hour of entertainment. The triplets were completely engrossed in inserting the pipe cleaners through the holes. They had limited success, but I consider it great practice with fine motor skills.

After their curiosity weaned, they continued playing with Little People. Maddie kept sitting on Amelia and Amelia would rub Maddie's back. I made pipe cleaner bracelets for them and they took turns putting them on each other. It was adorable.

I guess I'll actually check out the Pinterest board. Who knows what other simple combinations of entertainment we can create?


  1. Hi there! I have twin 19mo girls. Pinterest always looks completely overwhelming, but I'm glad you had success. Maybe I'll try it someday. Love your blog. Very practical.

    1. Thanks! It's so hard to keep multiple toddlers entertained. Pinterest is full of people who are much more creative than I am. It can be a great resource for your girls.