Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Mid-Week Review

The past two days have been pretty easy. You would think it would be harder with Jesse back to work, but I think I'm just a lot more efficient so my down time is more enjoyable. When Jesse and I are both home, we both slack and assume the other person is taking responsibility. When it's just me, I know for a fact what everyone ate, when diapers were changed, what load of laundry is in the dryer, etc. So when the trio nap while Jack is at school, I can read, blog, nap, etc. 

Jackson had no problem returning to school yesterday. He was his usual happy go lucky self when I dropped him off. The trio and I played around the house. They've been really into throwing the container of wipes around the living room. All three insist that I put a bow on them, even though the girls only wear bows for approximately 20 seconds. Amelia and Maddie were especially cute in their new ballet shirts (compliments of their Aunt Robin).

The toddler chair has become a hot commodity in our house. They all fight over who gets to sit in it.

When I picked Jackson up from school, I expected him to to be tired after a busy day back. The very first thing he said to me (before we were even in the parking lot) was, "Now to the museum!" It had been a few weeks since we'd gone, so everyone was happy to return to their favorite play area.

If water is first choice, crafts are generally second. There was some kind of puffy paint for you to make a snowman. I'm not sure what was in it, but James ate a fair amount of it. Oops.

Jackson's final request was to play in the submarine area.

This morning was a bit tougher to get to school on time. Jackson insisted that it was pajama day at school and refused to get dressed. His teacher must have reviewed the calendar of events with the class yesterday and made him excited about pajama day, which is scheduled at the end of the month. Getting dressed was a serious battle that ultimately resulted in some yelling (me) and crying (Jackson). All was well once we walked into his classroom.

Since the weather is getting signficantly colder, we headed to the local mall for some indoor play. Amelia was a bit grumpy and would NOT let go of her blanket. James insisted on sliding down on his stomach with every slide.

I let them all walk, but the mall walkers were intimidating and serious, so I put James and Amelia back in the stroller and just let Maddie walk. Of course, Maddie sashayed around the mall wagging her finger like she owned the place. She is such a big personality in such a tiny body.

I let everyone out again in the food court area to "ride" these toys. They were so animated moving the steering wheels around. James kept pushing buttons and Amelia bounced with her blanket.

It was one of those days where the temperature drops throughout the day, so it was even colder when I picked Jackson up. We've already been to the library, museum, rec center, and mall this week, so I didn't want to go anywhere. He proposed we drink hot chocolate and snuggle on the couch. So that is what we did. 

They have already announced a 2 hour delay tomorrow due to extreme cold, so we will all get to sleep in. It's turning into a pretty relaxing week.

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