Friday, January 2, 2015

Sick Boy

James is the best sleeper, best eater, and most active of the three. When he was up all night crying, laid down when we took him out of his crib this morning, and refused to eat breakfast, Jesse and I immediately called to schedule a doctor's appointment. I took James to the first available appointment at 10 am. The diagnosis was a double ear infection. 

This one cup of milk was the only thing James had to eat or drink in 22 hours! I am always laid back about colds, bumps, and bruises, but James' behavior had Jesse and I genuinely worried. I called the nurse and was told to wait until his second dose of antibiotics before we worry about how much James ate or drank. (My sisters said the same thing.)

James spent most of the afternoon sleeping on his Daddy or in his crib. Anytime he was conscious he whimpered and moaned. He was so pitiful.

This evening he finally ate a banana, clementine, and some chicken. He had a crazy surge of energy where he climbed on tables, jumped on the couch, and ran around.

Amelia kept laying down on the table.
James crashed hard, cried, and fought his medicine. Hopefully he regains his strength and is back to normal tomorrow.

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