Monday, June 27, 2011

Diaper Dilemma Resolved

Jackson has been battling a nasty diaper rash/allergy for a few weeks now.  Ever since we switched to the BumGenius, his entire diaper area has become an increasingly intense shade of red.  We've tried creams, extra diaper rinses/vinegar rinses, stripping the diapers, and consulting our doctor.  Despite those attempts, Jackson still suffered from a nasty rash over his entire diaper region (including waist and thighs).

Jesse and I were obviously concerned but not sure what to do since we've spent hundreds of dollars purchasing 24 BumGenius diapers.  We thought the rash was getting better but once we stopped using the hydrocortisone cream it flared back up again.  We knew we couldn't continue applying hydrocortisone cream each day as it isn't safe for prolonged use on infants and was never intended for this part of the body anyway.

Thankfully, my sister recalled hearing about babies being allergic to suedecloth, the fabric that BumGenuis diapers are made of.  She consulted with her online cloth diapering board and we felt confident that Jackson must be allergic to the material since Jackson did not have the rash when he was using the newborn Kissaluv diapers.  Katie has a large enough collection of diapers that she was able to loan us 22 different diapers that are not made of suedecloth.  We've used these diapers on Jackson for the past three days and the change in his skin is a clear confirmation of a severe allergic reaction to suedecloth.

After wearing BumGenius 4.0 diapers
3 days without using BG 4.0

Katie and I are able to swap diapers.  I don't want to sell the BumGenius diapers because I really love the ease of use, one-size feature, and absorbency.  I am hoping my future children will not have a suedecloth allergy and we can use them then.  In the meanwhile, I hope Jude likes them.  Jesse and I are having fun trying out different types of cloth diapers.  We're getting much better at using a Snappi fastener and have found amusement in some of the more feminine diapers.

We're trying to decide which diapers work best for us and we'll likely purchase a few in each size.  Maybe I'll even get brave enough to use flats!

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