Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Too Many Options

It's amazing how much having a child changes my decision-making thought process.  Due to my school closing, I am forced to apply for numerous teaching positions.  I secured a job back in February and already moved all of my materials into my new classroom.  However, in the past few days other options have become available and principals have called and e-mailed to ask if I would be willing to come in for an interview. 

A quick outline of the pros/cons of each job offer:

Excellent teammates
15 minute commute
Questionable principal
No extra $$ or childcare
$10,000 Bonus
Amazing principal

30 minute commute on 85/77
Very difficult student population
Excessive data/paperwork
5th grade math only!
10 minute commute
Would apply for NBCT
Questionable principal
No extra $$ or childcare
Poor staff morale
Very different demographics
Outside of CMS
Able to drop Jackson off with in-laws

1st Grade position
Lose 3 years towards tenure
30+ minute commute on interstate

Constant prayer, reflection, and analysis has only increased my headache and confusion.

In other news, Jackson seems to be feeling much better today.  He's suffered through a week of congestion, nasal suctioning, coughing up mucous, and crying.  Today was the first day I've heard him laugh in days.  He is still not 100% and he has been sleeping a fair amount.  We were on the couch playing this afternoon and he just passed out on my foot.  He slept there until I finally moved him.


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