Monday, June 20, 2011

Photo Fun--Monday, June 20

I don't know what was going on with Jackson last night, but he was awake every hour.  Neither Jesse nor I minded too much since we have no obligations during the day, but I certainly hope tonight is better.  Jackson ate five times and woke up crying in between feedings several times.  We took turns giving him the paci, rocking him, and turning back on his "soothing sounds".  He's been fine today.

Jackson's latest pastime is sucking his bottom lip, blowing spit bubbles, drooling, and sucking on his fist.  He is infatuated with his mouth.

Jackson is also making a wider range of sounds lately.  He's always been vocal, but I swear he is trying really hard to tell us something now.  He just yells and smiles at us constantly.  His arms and feet flail about with excitement as if he is about to fly away and he gets louder and louder while smiling.  I am just waiting for him to erupt into laughter. 

I am very particular about framing and hanging photographs.  I prefer landscape pictures over portraits.  There are way too many people in my family to display so I would hate to have a large photo of some kids, but not others.  For that reason we've only had one large photo hanging of Jesse and I from our wedding day.  I finally decided it's time to enlarge and hang pictures of Jackson.  We picked our two favorite photos from our 2 month photo session.  I bought matching frames (14 x 18) and printed the photographs (8 x 10); then Jesse hung the frames above our couch.

Jackson still has my dad's eyes.  Initially, we were convinced his eyes were going to change color because a third of his right eye quickly turned brown.  Now two months later, his eyes remain two different colors.  I hope they stay like that simply because it is a unique connection to my father.    

After an entire year, I finally figured out how to post pictures on BabyCenter posts.  Since I have taken multiple pictures from every day of my child's life, I searched every photo thread on my birth board and posted pictures of Jackson.  I got a little carried away posting pictures of "LO [little one] w/ pets", "LO w/ Dad", "Bath Time", "Let's see those smiles", etc. 

Along with celebrations, my mother was also obsessed with capturing the little moments.  Our hallways were lined with pictures and our shelves were overflowing with filled photo albums.  Growing up, I loved looking through the photo albums and seeing how my siblings and I had changed.  I am delighted that Jackson will be able to do the same! 

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  1. I love the clear shot of J's eyes! It makes my heart happy for you too, to see a bit of our Daddy in baby Jacks every day <3