Thursday, June 30, 2011

Jackson's Interactions w/ Ducky

After spending over two hours at two different DMV's, I finally renewed my license.  I also went on my last interview of the week and have even more to consider than I thought.  I've accepted one position but am still considering another position in another district.  After all the stress, I can't tell you how great it is to come home to such a jovial baby!

Now that Jackson is feeling better, he has been so interactive, vocal, and full of laughter.

Each day we try to spend a few supervised minutes in the bumbo.  Jackson is definitely getting better but he doesn't tolerate this position for very long.

Jackson went on a tummy time strike for a few weeks.  We've been putting him on the play mat more often in hopes he'll withstand longer tummy time sessions.  He was so close to rolling over today!  He can lift most of his upper body, though he becomes aggravated after a while.  He was content for several minutes, but as Murphy's Laws would have it, he began fussing as soon as I got the camera.

By far the most humorous interaction Jackson had today was with his stuffed duck.  Jackson was wearing a cute duck onesie today.  Jesse grabbed the stuffed animal and started talking and playing with him after a diaper change.  Jackson was laughing and talking nonstop!

Ten minutes of Jackson's laughter is equivalent to an hour of therapy and eight hours of sleep.  I feel so refreshed and happy every time I hear it!

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