Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Weekend Getaway Outtakes--Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

There were so many amazing moments that happened this past weekend.  However, there were many less than great moments, too!  I thought it would be amusing to share some of the unpredictable, imperfect details of the weekend.

Once we got all our bags out of the car and into the hotel room, I pumped a few ounces of milk.  About two minutes later, a fly committed suicide.  What a waste of milk!

While I pumped Jesse put together the pack-n-play and unpacked the clothes.  Jesse planned to wear black pants with a button up shirt to the rehearsal.  He was upset to realize he forgot to pack black socks.  We drove to Old Navy to buy black socks, but there weren't any so we hurried to T.J. Maxx.  We were running behind schedule and needed to quickly get dressed and head to the rehearsal dinner.  Once we got back to the hotel Jesse discovered that he never even packed his black pants to begin with!  We wasted an entire hour and $5 running around trying to get socks and Jesse had nothing to wear.  He threw a slight tantrum while I tried not to laugh. 

The next morning we ate breakfast at a diner and drove to Blowing Rock for church.  I had been greatly looking forward to attending our former church.  This is the church that I served as Youth Director for and the same congregation that supported me through some life-changing events.  Jackson was pretty fussy during the actual service and Jesse ended up spending half the service walking around with him throughout the building.  I was hoping to have lunch with some of the youth, but they were all headed off to a conference immediately after church.  I thought, "well at least Jesse and I can walk around Blowing Rock and take some pictures of Jackson in the park."  As we were standing in the parking lot the sky suddenly opened up.  This is the only picture I took:

I've mentioned several times that Jackson was very fussy and sick the past week.  While we were able to get some great pictures at Moses Cone, we got several photos like this:

When Jackson wasn't fussing , he was sleeping.  He slept the entire 2.5 hour car ride both there and back.  Even once we got home, he was knocked out again as soon as he ate.

It was without a doubt a fantastic weekend.  This post is simply to remind me of how many factors (weather, congestion, insects, etc) I can't control.  Several years ago any of those things could have upset me to the point of anger or tears.  There were many times when I would get pissed off about something not going the way I planned and end up sitting in my car talking to one of my sisters.  Of course I still get frustrated and perhaps rely on my sisters for too much.  But I think Jackson has put things into perspective for us and both Jesse and I have mellowed out over such matters.  The "Don't sweat the small stuff" saying is something I still struggle with, but we're getting better at it each day.

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