Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Adjustments and Acne--Monday, April 25

I think the stressful car ride, heat, and company was just too much for Jackson yesterday.  He slept FOUR hours (from 10 p.m.-2 a.m.) last night.  Jesse and I both woke up around 1:30 and tried to figure out if I had fed him or he had changed him since neither of us had woken up.  It was glorious!  Truly, who knew four consecutive hours of sleep could feel so amazing?

Jackson woke up with nasty baby acne all over his forehead.  Everything I've read says this is caused by the hormones I passed to him when he was born and that there isn't anything we could do to clear it up.  Obviously I'm not going to wash my infant with Clearasil.  Hopefully his perfect complexion will resume again soon!

This morning was our big appointment with the chiropractor. Again, my chiropractor specializes in prenatal, postpartum, and infant care.  He was my saving grace throughout my pregnancy and I owe most of my good health and comfort throughout pregnancy to him.  He readjusted me first, then Jackson.  Jesse and I had no clue what to expect for Jackson.  The doctor had us take his shirt off and he used a thermometer gauge to determine if any of his vertebrae were out of alignment.  The chiropractor adjusted Jackson's pelvis and mid-back.  He was so gentle and just barely used his thumb to push along Jackson's spine.  Jackson squirmed and cried a bit because he hates being restricted, but he was totally fine afterwards.  We are both going back next Monday but we will only go back as needed after next week.

I got a phone call totally out of the blue from my principal asking me if I would be interested in a job offer at another school that would offer $10,000 more.  I already have a job lined up for August though I am not pleased with  my placement.  Anyway, this job could really alleviate financial struggles and allow Jesse to stay home with Jackson next year.  We both hate the idea of sending our infant to daycare and our willing to work opposite shifts to be able to stay home with our son.  Interview is on Wednesday.  Fingers crossed. 

Ellen is coming over again to bring us dinner and visit a bit before she heads back to Wilmington.  Hooray for Japanese food and good company.

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