Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mundane Life--Tuesday, April 19

So just when I start to feel confident, Jackson puts me in my place.  Late last night he ate for 45 minutes straight.  He typically only eats for 20 minutes every few hours.  (Though each nursing session is much longer after you include burping, changing, and falling asleep in between sides.)  In my mind, I thought "Yes! He'll probably sleep for 3-4 hours straight."  Hahaha!  I burped him in a reclined position and he spit up that last 20 minutes of food he had eaten.  I'm talking spit up in my hair, down my gown, on the bed...YUCK!  After things calmed down we had a great night.  It was the first night I was able to nurse without having to sit up, get out of bed, or even turn the lights on.  All three of us slept peacefully, despite interruptions.

One thing I haven't thought to mention is the bizzare feeling the week after birth that your organs are just floating around in your body.  Prior to last night, every time I laid down on my side I literally felt like my organs would just fall to the side.  Seriously, check out the diagram of when you are 40 weeks, and then remove the baby and placenta.  Where do your organs go?  It takes up to six weeks for all your organs to return to their previous size.  I really think they just float around for a few days until they know where to go.
 We went for another walk today, which was so much easier without having the brakes on!  We were worried it was too hot outside so we kept it to a pretty short walk.  I was pleased with my energy level, but Jesse still left me in the dust when it was his turn to push the stroller.

We more or less are doing the same thing each day.  I made lunch while wearing Jackson in my Moby wrap.  I think I love the Moby wrap so much because it reminds me of being pregnant with him curled up beside me so closely.  We nursed every few hours.  Jesse washed a load of cloth diapers and hung them out to line dry.  The diapers have been no big deal.  We also had another photo shoot now that Jackson has a belly button.  We try to sing, dance, read, and talk to Jackson while he's awake.  Parts of the day our boring and I can't imagine being a stay at home mom.  Then he smiles and makes silly sounds and I can't imagine going back to work.  At least I have four months before having to face that reality.

My goal for the week was to get Jackson added to our insurance.  I didn't even think about the fact that CMS is on spring break so I haven't been able to contact the benefits coordinator through Human Resources.  The hospital has called and sent a letter saying they cannot bill us because they are unable to file a claim on Jackson.  I hope we don't have any issues with paperwork.  I don't even know if we need to get a copy of his birth certificate or social security card and how to go about that.

Jesse had been craving steak ever since a couple at church told us that the hospital gives you a steak dinner right after you have a baby.  They might have, but we sure didn't.  Anyway, Jesse is grilling potatoes, asparagus, chicken, and steak for dinner tonight.  Hopefully it will be smooth sailing the rest of the evening. 

Belly Button and Cute Diaper

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