Tuesday, April 19, 2011

CoSleeping, Let Down, and Clothes--Thursday, April 14

I gave in and let Jackson sleep in the bed with us last night.  He doesn’t sleep in the bassinet and it is so much easier for me to breastfeed in the side lying position at night.  I’m not very good at it yet but we’ve had some success.  For the past week I have heard him sucking his hand in the middle of the night, gotten up, gone to the nursery, turned on the light, found the boppy pillow, and tried to position him correctly.  (Remember, lazy latching=sore, cracked nipples)  By the time I go through all of this he is crying and past hungry, which makes it that much more difficult.  Multiply this experience by 5 times a night and now you understand why I succumbed to co-sleeping.  Honestly I still couldn’t sleep though because I was paranoid I would smother him.
First thing this morning I told Jesse we have to find a solution.  I can’t do this too many more nights.  We looked online and found the Snuggle Nest, which is basically a tiny bed you place in between mom and dad’s pillows for baby to sleep in.  We can’t roll over him but he is right beside us and we can see him.  Jan came over again.  (She took the whole week off of work.)  We decided her time would be best used watching Jackson while we ran out to find the Snuggle Nest.  We were gone for less than an hour but I still felt a bit guilty leaving my baby. Thankfully Babies-R-Us had the Snuggle Nest in stock and the store is only five minutes from the house.  I also ran into Concord Mills to get fitted for a nursing bra.  My poor back can’t handle the weight of my chest without more support than these nursing tanks provide.  The nursing bra is fantastic.  I hope the Snuggle Nest goes over just as well!
So I read The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, checked out the Le Leche League website, and discussed breastfeeding with my Bradley instructor.  With that said, I totally didn’t get what let down was.  For me, let down means I can feed my child on one side and fill an entire bottle with the ever flowing stream of milk coming from the other side.  I haven’t tried this, but I’m seriously considering it!  I keep forgetting my new super power and end up saturating poor Jackson’s outfit.  Jesse is getting a bit tired of the wardrobe changes after feeding and I am running out of clean shirts.  For some reason I though women leaked all the time and I don’t at all so I haven’t been using the nursing pads.  Time to do that, I suppose!

Jesse and I gave Jackson a bath and had a quick photo shoot on the bed.  We propped him up on pillows and used the white comforter as a backdrop just like the photographer in the hospital did.  We're trying to get some good pictures so I can make his birth announcements on Shutterfly.
I have just about had it with Jackson’s clothes!  We were beyond blessed to receive HUNDREDS of outfits, sizes newborn all the way to 12 months.  We sorted, washed, and crammed every outfit into two different dressers and put the bigger sizes in a storage container under the crib.  It’s just too much though!  Jesse was changing Jackson downstairs and he asked me to go get pajamas with feet on them.  I had to pull clothes out of the drawer just to look around and I finally found one.  When I brought it downstairs he just looked at me and said, “well how’s he supposed to fit in that?”  I didn’t even look but gave him a premie outfit.  (Most of the clothes were given to us by my sister-in-law, who had her baby 6 weeks premature.  A few premie outfits sneaked in there.)  I don’t know why but I just cried and went back upstairs and started muttering about the damn clothes.  Ah, hormones…
Jason and Chrissy (Jesse’s brother and sister-in-law) are bringing us BBQ for dinner and going to visit for a bit this evening. 

At Home Photo Shoot

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