Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Clawing, Pumping, and Fussing--Tuesday, April 26

Cowbell is our feral, always curious cat.  She is always sneaking up on Mr. Nibbles, playing with toys, and jumping on top of things.  When I was pregnant we started placing baby items around the house for her to get used to (bouncer, high chair, swing, bassinet, etc).  She always made herself cozy in each of Jackson's things.  Now that HE is using them, she seems agitated.  Twice today I caught her clawing at Jackson (never actually pierced his skin) through the bassinet while he was sleeping.  I don't know what we're going to do with her!  If it continues to be a problem we will make her an outside cat, but I hope it doesn't come to that. 

Yesterday evening Jesse helped me figure out how to use the breast pump.  My sister-in-law gave us the Medela In Style Advanced Double Pump that she bought but only used for a week.  Unfortunately, there were no directions, but Jesse found a manual online.  I fed Jackson first, then was able to pump 2.5 oz.  It was such a bizarre, uncomfortable sensation and quite gross to watch.   When I was finished my chest was completely deflated.  Seriously, my boobs became pancakes.  I don't think my milk production caught up with Jackson's needs because he could barely latch and gnawed at my boobs EVERY hour last night.  They finally feel full again this afternoon and we have resumed feeding every 2 hours. 

Jackson was so fussy this morning I had convinced myself he had colic.  This is something I greatly fear because I know it becomes prominent in infants between 2-3 weeks and continues until 3-4 months old.  I don't think I can handle a baby crying for hours a day by myself.  I am ultra paranoid when he cries and I don't know why.  I wish he could just talk already and articulate his needs!

I am having a fat day.  I tried to find something in my closet that I could wear to my interview tomorrow, but everything is either too tight or too loose.  Nothing looks presentable.  I refuse to buy an outfit that I hopefully won't be able to wear again.  It's so disappointing to not look good in anything. 

Bath time was way overdue.  We bathe Jackson every other day but skipped Sunday with all the excitement.  Jackson hates baths and diaper changes.  He cried the least amount today and he finally has a perfectly clean belly button, free of any remaining scabs or blood. 

Hoping for an uneventful evening and lots of rest tonight...

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