Thursday, April 21, 2011

Following a Paper Trail--Thursday, April 21

The day began with an 8 a.m. phone call from Human Resources.  Apparently they are working this week after all.  I verified my delivery information and have confirmed my paid maternity leave to extend through May 21.  I am quite agitated that I am using my sick days for spring break, when it seems like it should be an extra bonus since that is a paid week off regardless.  Oh well, at least April will be a full pay check and May won't be too badly deducted. 

I spent the following three hours trying to figure out how to add Jackson to my insurance.  It is costing an extra $350 a month (well, 9 months) to cover Jackson.  I had to enroll him on the InTouch system, but I had no clue what my login or password was since I never log in to the website.  In fact, the website isn't even linked to the CMS Intranet, so I really don't know how you're supposed to know how to access it.  After several phone calls I was informed that I needed to fax his birth certificate.  Another phone call later and the hospital let me know where to go to get official records.  I was assured that all records are filed within 3 days after birth.  I fed Jackson then drove downtown to the public record office to get his birth certificate.  After driving 25 minutes, filling out paperwork, and waiting in line, I was told that the office hadn't received record from the hospital and that it generally takes two weeks to process.  Of course, they are happy to mail me his certificate free of charge.  Well, thanks!  Now I just pray that I make the 30 day window to finalize Jackson on my insurance.

While I was already out I knew I had another 45 minutes before Jackson should be hungry again so I ran by Concord Mills to exchange a nursing bra and get some stretch mark cream.  I've discovered that underwire nursing bras are way more restricting when it comes to actually nursing.  The Hanes outlet has the most comfortable nursing bras for $17, which is cheaper than I pay for my regular Victoria's Secret bras.  Obviously not as attractive, but I guess I am officially past the point of impressing anyone.  I also grabbed some "Tummy Butter" from Motherhood and one of those post-partum bands (like the Belly Bandit) to wear.  Motherhood is no longer selling them in stores so it was half off.  The cashier double checked that I had tried on the display size because the store will not exchange or refund them, which I had done.  When I got home I was disappointed to discover that the band was a size large but in a box labeled medium.  It's way too big to serve it's purpose and I can't exchange it.  Go figure...that's just the luck I seem to be having today!

I've felt really good all day.  I think the key is to stay hydrated.  I made sure to drink a glass of water every nursing session (even during the night).  I'm trying to take over night time diaper duties since Jesse will be going back to work in a week and he needs his rest.  We only had a few diapers left so I was glad Jackson didn't soak through them too fast.  We have been able to wash diapers every other day without running out.  Jesse throws them in the wash and then we let the sun do it's job.  So far, so good. 

I was watching Parenthood last night and there was a scene where one of the women realizes how much she wants to have a baby (though she is physically unable to get pregnant).  Then today I found out a close family friend must deliver her child at only 23 weeks pregnant.  I've been holding on to Jackson so very dearly and feeling especially blessed that we are in good health.  I don't know why God blessed Jesse and I with a child and not others, because we are certainly undeserving, but I am so very thankful.  It hasn't even been two weeks but I simply cannot fathom life without Jackson.  Many prayers to those who are unable to conceive or suffering loss...

To end on a more light-hearted note, Jackson wore my favorite newborn pants today that I just have to show off:

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