Saturday, April 30, 2011

24 Hours With a 3 Week Old--Saturday, April 30

9:00-10:00 PM ~ In-laws left.  Jesse, Jackson, and I watched TV downstairs on the couch
9:30-10:00 PM ~ Changed diaper, everyone put pajamas on, brushed teeth, snuggled up in bed.
10-10:30 PM ~ Fed Jackson in bed for 20 minutes.  Walked around bedroom to burp him.  Changed diaper.  Gave Jackson thrush medication and suctioned his nostrils.  Slept until 1 AM.
1:05-1:20 AM ~ Fed Jackson in bed for 15 minutes.  Walked around bedroom to burp him.  Changed diaper. Fell back asleep.
4:15-4:30 AM ~ Fed Jackson in bed for 15 minutes.  Walked around bedroom to burp him.  (I happened to see the clock at 4:28 so I sang "Happy 3 Week Birthday" to Jackson and reminded myself how amazing it felt to hold him for the first time.)  Slept.
5:30 AM ~ Jackson woke up fussy.  I knew he shouldn't be hungry, but couldn't find the paci, so I snuggled beside him.  He fell back asleep within ten minutes.  The three of us slept until 8 o'clcok.
8:05-8:30 AM ~ Fed Jackson in bed for 15 minutes. Jesse changed his diaper and clothes. 
8:30-9:00 AM ~ We ate breakfast while Jackson was in bouncer.  I took daily prenatal vitamin, probiotic, and stool softener.  (Dr. recommended to take Colace until stitches dissolve from tear.)
9:00-9:45 ~ AM Jesse talked to Jackson on couch.  I boiled pacifiers, checked e-mail, and started blog.
9:45-10:00 AM ~ Fed Jackson downstairs.  Burped him.

The view I most frequently have of Jackson--EATING
 10:00-11:00 AM ~ Jesse and I watched Extreme Makeover Home Edition while Jackson slept in bassinet downstairs.
11:00-11:45 AM ~ Jesse cut the grass while I changed Jackson's diaper, rocked Jackson, and attempted to watch my recorded Grey's Anatomy.  I definitely cried when Callie broke down at the end when they told her to go home with her baby.  I'm telling you, leaving the hospital was absolutely terrifying!
11:45-12:00 PM ~ Fed Jackson.  Couldn't get a burp.
12:00-12:20 PM ~ Put Jackson in the swing while I fixed/ate lunch, then washed dishes.
12:20-1:15 PM ~ Held and talked to a very alert baby.  Watched recorded Private Practice.  Changed diaper.
1:15-1:45 PM ~ I took a shower, got dressed, dried hair.  Jesse fixed lunch for himself and started a load of laundry with Jackson in the Ergo carrier.
1:45-2:00 PM ~ Fed Jackson downstairs. Jesse hung the clothes on the line.
2:00-3:00 PM ~ Jesse laid down with Jackson and watched Batman.  I worked on the blog and read Baby Center posts.
3:00-3:15 PM ~ Fed Jackson, changed diaper
3:15-4:00 PM ~ Visited with company
4:00-6:00 PM ~ Jesse went grocery shopping.  I fed Jackson, pumped 2 oz, watched TV, put Jackson in swing for 30 minutes, unloaded dishwasher, switched laundry, helped put groceries away, held Jackson, changed diaper.

Those storage bags are going to be the death of me!
6:00-7:00 PM ~ Jesse cooked dinner.  I researched storing/mixing breastmilk and best bottles to introduce.  Went through cabinets and nursery to find all the bottles we were given at baby showers.  Jackson became very fussy.  (He rarely takes a pacifier from me so I gave him to Jesse. 
7:00-7:15 PM ~ Fed Jackson, worked on blog
7:15-7:30 PM ~ Ate dinner at table while Jackson screamed in the bouncer until Jesse picked him up. (He hasn't napped since 11 AM.)

7:30-7:50 PM ~ Jesse changed Jackson's diaper and got his pajamas out while I did the dishes. Then we gave Jackson a bath and dressed him.  He cried the whole time.
7:50-8:05 PM ~ Jesse gave Jackson his very first bottle.  Jackson drank the 2 oz like a pro!

8:05-8:45 PM ~ Jackson finally slept!  I uploaded pictures and worked on blog.  Jesse finished laundry and watched TV.
8:45-9:00 PM ~ Jesse and I changed into pajamas, brushed teeth, laid Jackson down.  I'm going to try and pump once more before going to bed.

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