Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Trying to Find a Routine-- Sunday, April 17

Jackson was very clingy last night.  He needed to be rocked to sleep and in our arms for a good two hours before he settled down.  It was almost midnight before we got any sleep.  It’s not that we was crying hysterically or screaming, he was just fussy and would begin to cry when we laid him down.  So frustrating!  At least it didn’t last all night.
Jesse and tried our best to follow a normal routine, at least what our routine was before Jackson.  We both woke up and Jesse fixed our traditional Sunday pancakes and breakfast while I fed Jackson.  We were able to put Jackson in the bassinet while we ate breakfast and looked over the Sunday paper.  We didn’t go to church since Jackson is only a week old and the doctor recommended waiting 4 weeks before taking him out in crowds.  (We are still planning on going to church next Sunday to celebrate Easter.)
The day has been pretty low key.  I never even left the house.  Jesse went grocery shopping while I watched Jackson.  Since I am a teacher, I am obsessive about reading and talking to him.  I know it’s ridiculous considering he can’t comprehend what I’m saying, but I want to expose him to as much vocabulary as possible.  We talked about the Civil War and how he got his name.  We discussed different types of animals in the rain forest and the tundra.  Jesse read The Very Hungry Caterpillar. 
Jackson is still eating every hour to hour and a half.  The lactation consultant told me not to worry about the hiccups.  I can introduce a pacifier whenever I want.  She told me to start pumping when I was comfortable and to introduce the bottle around 4 weeks old.  I haven’t asked about the snacking, but I am considering scheduling an appointment with a lactation consultant at the hospital where I delivered.  They will weigh Jackson before and after feeding to see how many ounces he is getting.  I might just wait until Jackson’s 2 week appointment to see if he is having any issues gaining weight first.

Jackson seriously cracks us up with his facial expressions.  I hope he's not stressed out because he genuinely looks like he has such a difficult life when he furrows his eyebrows and puts his hand over his face like, "why me?"  He smiles a lot, too.  We are able to get used to his sounds.  He makes a strange barking sound when he sleeps sometimes.  I'm not worried about his breathing or anything; I just think it's a cute quirk.
We ended the day with traditional Sunday popcorn and 60 minutes.  We’re about to put our pajamas on and head to bed.

One of Jackson's many CRAZY expressions

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