Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Circumcision, Spitting Up, and Cluster Feeding, Oh My!--Sunday, April 10

Today was tough for Jackson, Mommy, and Daddy.
Jackson was circumcised today.  They also did his hearing test and kept him in the nursery for monitoring.  He was gone for 2 hours, though they said it should only be an hour!  I asked every nurse that came in where my child was and when he would be back.  When they brought him back he wouldn’t breastfeed.  He was basically in a Tylenol induced coma for 6 hours straight except for when he was coughing up orange medicine.  When he finally awoke he was literally attached to my boob every hour.  The lactation consultant had warned me ahead of time of cluster feeding and told me that Jackson would likely have nursing sessions right on top of one another when he woke up. 
Jesse looks and feels terrible.  He has complained the past two days about hospital food being greasy and how he feels sick.  He isn’t sure if he has a stomach virus or food poisoning.  He is so pale.  I think he is just severely sleep deprived and lacking his routine.  He is the kind of person who NEEDS coffee in the morning, a full night’s sleep, and food when he wants.  I hope this isn’t an indication of grumpiness or poor health to come because I’m pretty certain any sense of a routine went out the window yesterday.
Speaking of hospital food, I don’t think any of it has fiber.  You would think hospital food would be fairly healthy, but I haven’t seen a whole grain yet.  I’ve tried to get fruit at every meal because that’s the closest thing to healthy.  (I’ve also picked a different dessert at every meal because I want one.)  The nurses bring me a stool softener daily, which is totally routine for all post partum patients, but I haven’t had any results yet. 
Jackson has been spitting up a lot…like more than the average infant.  The pediatrician said it could be early signs of reflux bit it was impossible to tell at only two days old.  Regardless, it scares the hell out of me hearing him cough and gag over an hour after feeding.  Earlier he spit up through his nose.  Chunky, bright yellow spit up.  The nurse said the Tylenol may have messed with his stomach, too.  Doctor wasn’t too concerned since he’s had enough wet and dirty diapers.  He is obviously digesting plenty of food.  Apparently the flap on a baby’s stomach isn’t fully formed when they are born so a baby can’t fully recognize fullness yet, hence the spitting up.  Unfortunately most babies spit up shortly after eating, but Jackson likes to wait ‘til the colostrum has settled first. 
Regardless, I can’t take the constant feedings followed by constant gagging in front of the constant stream of visitors.  I love having people visit but I feel like they are judging me if Jackson is not sleeping peacefully or cooing happily.  I know this is totally irrational considering he is two days old and all newborns get fussy, spit up, have to eat, and use the bathroom.  

Final thought of the day: What the hell have we gotten ourselves into?

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