Monday, May 2, 2011

Out and About--Sunday, May 1

None of us slept especially well.  I seem to be getting  a cold myself so I've been extremely congested.  The day begin with a 7 a.m. feeding followed by a pumping session.  Jesse showered and made pancakes while I got Jackson dressed and started washing the dirty cloth diapers.  My niece/goddaughter had her First Communion today so we drove to Gastonia to attend mass.  We happened to pass the intersection of Jackson Rd and Jackson St.  I couldn't resist the photo opportunity so I literally had Jesse pull over so I could stand in someone's yard and take a picture.

The mass was quite interesting, though very long.  Having grown up Catholic, everything was familiar but I no longer had the responses, prayers, and Nicene Creed memorized.  (Of course, most of our family didn't know them either.)  Jackson got hungry during the service, so Jesse gave him a bottle that I had pumped.  He ate 2 oz and was still fussy.  I took him to the "cry room" and the boy acted like he was starving.  He ate 10 minutes from both sides and never even spit up!  He was still acting hungry so I went back to the service and made Jesse change his diaper (he had the diaper bag) and give him a pacifer. 

After a nearly 2 hour long service, we went out to lunch with the family to celebrate my niece's communion.  She chose to go to Logan's.  Jesse and I were both a bit nervous about our first real public outing (besides church and doctor's office), but Jackson was great.  He slept through half of lunch, then my oldest sister gave him the rest of the bottle.  I still ended up having to nurse in the car before we left. 

I'm assuming Jackson is going through the 3 week growth spurt because he's been eating hourly.  I am coming down with a nasty cold (sore throat, green snot, achy).  I'm also getting very anxious about Jesse going back to work.  I would gladly switch places with him.  I know that's terrible, but I miss teaching and am not a big fan at being trapped at home feeding my infant nonstop.  I finally broke down crying and Jesse tried to calm me down.  I feel very sick, tired, and fearful.  Tomorrow is a new day...

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