Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fainting and Frantic

I'm not feeling well tonight so I'll keep it brief.  I am exhausted and my head is splitting. 

Here are the three main things that happened today:

1. I had another personal training session scheduled this morning.  My trainer challenged me quite a bit but I was keeping up and doing well.  Next thing I know, three personal trainers were surrounding me.  One was taking my pulse.  Another was asking me to sit up and drink a protein shake.  Another was putting a wet rag on my forehead.  Due to this fainting incident, I am no longer allowed to workout until I have written permission from a doctor. 

2. Jackson and I went to a good friend's baby shower.  It was nice to see former colleagues.  There were no cheesy games.  Everyone commented on what a good baby Jackson is.  I wanted to crawl in a spare bedroom and take a nap with Jackson.

3. Jesse and I are convinced Jackson is teething.  The incessant drooling, biting, pulling away at the breast, and fussiness has been indicators of teething.  Today we noticed two spots of his gums were raised.  He cried like nothing Jesse or I have ever heard.  Gut wrenching, hyproventilating cries.  It was so startling, I was leaking profusely and became nearly frantic trying to console him. 

At least I have a cute son, and enough rompers for him to wear a different outfit every day for a month.

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