Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gnawing and Clawing

Jackson is such a goober.  Once he learns a new sound that is ALL we hear.  Thankfully the grunting phase is over.  We've now moved on to lip smacking.  I know it's totally developmentally appropriate, but I find Jackson's obsession with putting things in his mouth completely fascinating.  It's like a magnet.  His latest discovery is that if he can correctly position himself on the playmat, he is able to gnaw on the dangling teether.
Jesse has had two job interviews in a row this week.  We are optimistic and prayerful that a job will be offered.  Both jobs are in locations where our families could provide childcare.  We aren't quite sure what our plans are if Jesse does not teach next year.  We are beginning to reconsider this stay-at-home-dad thing, but we are still not open to the idea of daycare either.

I've been learning the ends and outs of guided reading this week with professional development.  I'm getting increasingly excited (in a good way) about work.  I miss being in a classroom, teaching students, bonding with other teachers, and feeling accomplished.  The strategic staffing offer is finally official, which means I'll earn an additional $20,000 over the course of the next three years.  It will definitely be a challenging year.  A shocking 18% of the fourth grade class (i.e. my upcoming fifth graders) passed the Reading EOG in May.  Hence the need for the guided reading workshops!  I don't actually know how to teach kids how to read, so this should be a pretty eye opening experience. 

Jesse's dad watched Jackson while I was working and Jesse went on the interview.  When Jesse finally came home with Jackson, I was alarmed to see his face.

This is why we have to swaddle him at night.  The boy cannot stop clawing himself and his fingernails grow faster than I can keep up with.  Jesse refuses to cut his nails.  I feel my blood pressure rising and months coming off of my life every time I do it.  
The cause of an early death!

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  1. Meme is the samari warrior princess of baby nail cutting. seriously.