Sunday, July 24, 2011


First, I should say that the large size swaddle was a major failure.  Jackson once again busted out of the swaddle in a matter of hours.  Around midnight Jesse and I were fed up and tried to let Jackson sleep without being swaddled again.  Within five minutes his arms were flailing, forehead was bleeding, and he was absolutely wailing.  After an hour of rocking, swaying, and re-swaddling Jackson finally fell back asleep. 

I have no clue how much Jackson weighs, but at his 2 month check up (1.5 months ago) he weighed 12 lbs 15 oz so he's surely 14+ pounds.  He was regularly sleeping 5-6 hours at a time but he has been back to nursing every 2-3 hours during the night for a few weeks now.  I really don't mind too much right now.  I keep telling myself that I should treasure this time while he needs me so much and we can love on each other and cuddle during the night.  With that said, I'm certain I'm going to have a totally different perspective in a few weeks when I go back to work full time.  Tomorrow I am picking up the 2005 edition of Mindell's Sleeping Through the Night from the library.  I would never expect 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep, but I don't see why five hours isn't a reasonable expectation.

Today was the first day as a mother that I have worn my pajamas all day.  I didn't even put a bra on-just stuffed a burp cloth on the opposite side of my tank top while nursing.  Jesse cleaned the house while Jackson and I played in the bumbo, exersaucer, hammock, pack-n-play, playmat, bouncer, read books, went for a walk, played with stuffed animals, nursed, changed diapers, and more.  As much as I love his sweet smiles and giggles, I find this routine to be so monotonous! 

Jesse, Jackson, and I all napped for at least an hour at different times throughout the day.  None of us had quite recovered from the lack of sleep last night.  Jackson's routine of eat, play, sleep was altered as he just kept falling asleep.  He took a solid 45 minute nap after our morning feeding.

We watched a lot of HGTV, wasted time looking up baptism outfits and pack-n-play organizers, and spent a good portion of the day cuddling.  (Notice every picture is taken on the couch!)

Maybe we'll get some sleep tonight.  Tomorrow begins my slow assimilation back to teaching with a two hour professional development each day. 

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