Thursday, July 21, 2011

Reading and Relaxing

Today has been a happy-go-lucky, relaxed day with the family.

I generally read books to Jackson, but Jesse wanted to read today.  As always, Jackson was captivated by the bright colors and pictures.

Jesse and I literally spent an hour laughing hysterically at  A vulgar sense of humor is required to appreciate the website, which Jesse and I both possess.

The three of us headed to the library as our daily outing.  Jesse drove up to the mailbox as we were leaving and I was pleasantly surprised by this package:

My favorite friend mailed me the sequel to the Hunger Games.  Now I don't have to wait until December to read the next book!  I was so excited and Jackson had fallen asleep in the car anyway so I just stayed in the car with him and began reading while Jesse went inside the library.  I am number 78 for holds on the final book of the trilogy.

Once returning home I played with the slime I had made with the siblings at Ronald McDonald house.  I wanted to see Jackson's reaction since he is so observant with new things.   His eyes widened and his arms flailed about but I prevented him from touching it since he's always sucking on his hands.

The rest of the day was intertwined with nursing, playing, eating, and mostly reading. 

Jackson's diaper area is looking better than ever.  I love not dealing with a saturated, smelly diaper.  The stay-dry fabric seems to be helping.  We've also started using corn starch baby powder (poured on our hands first, then applied to his diaper area so there is no risk of Jackson inhaling it).  We still have no complaints with the Alvas.  I just can't believe they were so cheap!!

After dinner Jesse and I were dancing around with Jackson.  Jesse attempted to get a family photo.  This was the best of the bunch:

 We're about to put Jackson to bed.  I envision reading while eating a fudgesicle in my immediate future. 

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