Friday, July 29, 2011

Newsworthy Updates

1. I've already hit my summer goal of 300 oz of frozen milk. 
Assuming Jackson takes 3 5-oz botttles a day, five days a week, I already have enough for an entire month. (Frozen milk is off limits until August 18!)  Obviously I will continue to pump at work, but this means I a) don't have to stress over potential supply issues and b) will be able to feed him for an entire month after I decide to begin weaning.  If I have an abundance of milk I would love to donate excess to moms through Eats on Feets or Human Milk for Human Babies. 

2. Jackson slept 5 consecutive hours last night.
We double swaddled him.  That's right...we swaddled him with the smaller SwaddleMe, then again with the larger SwaddleMe.  Our little Houdini couldn't escape.  Jesse put the box fan on a card table so it was cool enough.  It was the best sleep all of us have had in a LONG time!

3. I've lost eight pounds and my milk supply has once again regulated itself.
I have tracked everything I've eaten through SparkPeople and met all of my calories, carbohydrates, fat, and protein goals each day the past three weeks.  It took almost two weeks for my milk supply to bounce back, but all is going smoothly.  I'm not working out very much, but I'm proud of myself for eating better.

4. Jackson's skin issues are inconsistently flaring back up.
I am so sick of even discussing this topic.  His knees are yellow and crusty one day, then soft and pink a few days later.  His diaper rash is varying shades of red on any given day.  (Though no where near the intense red from the BumGenius.)  His long awaited pediatric dermatologist appointment is on Tuesday.

5. Jesse is now searching for part time jobs as well as non-teaching jobs.
After various teaching positions have fallen through, Jesse is now seeking part time jobs that include insurance.  He is still considering full time positions in Rowan County so his dad can watch Jackson.  There is still three weeks left before school starts but each day of uncertainty is beginning to increase our anxiety level.

6. We've all spent entirely too much time staring at a computer screen today.

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  1. David asked me after we left last night, "Is Bonnie losing weight again?"

    Good job Bonnie Kat! That's encouraging about the milk supply.