Friday, July 22, 2011

Recap of the Day

Quick recap of the day's events:
  • Finished reading Catching Fire
  • Played with Jackson while Jesse jogged and picked up a few groceries
    • bumbo, bouncer, swing, exersaucer, playmat, floor, boppy pillow, and story time
  • Listened to Jackson grunt incessantly, became increasingly concerned
  • Prepared a lasagna and baked cookies to bring to our friends
  • Ate, tracked food on SparkPeople
  • Played with Jackson in the mirror (our newest "happy place")
  • Stuffed diaper inserts/prepared cloth wipes
  • Nursed/pumped multiple times
  • Visited/delivered meals to friends who just had their baby girl last week
  • Ordered Japanese take-out for dinner
  • Ate dinner while watching Jeopardy
  • Bathed Jackson
  • Got ready for bed

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