Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy 100 Days

Koreans have a tradition of preparing a large feast for family and friends to celebrate a child's 100th day of life.  Historically, there were high infant mortality rates during the first one hundred days, so a child that reached this milestone in health and safety was celebrated and expected to grow and prosper.

Jackson is officially 100 days old today.  There was no celebration or feast. In fact, the three of us didn't even spend our evening together as I had already made plans to eat out with my former fifth grade team.  Tonight was the first time I have ever left Jackson while I did something strictly for pleasure.  (I have only left Jackson to go on interviews or to workout.  I take him with me to go on lunch dates, baby showers, family events, etc.)  I think Jesse was happy to have a boys night.  I asked him to take a picture of what he did while I was gone.  This is what he took:

Apparently Jesse drove to Kannapolis for a cheeseburger while Jackson napped in the carseat.  The boys also went to the local thrift store to browse around.  Jackson was sound asleep in his crib by the time I got home.
Though I didn't spend quite as much time with my baby boy as usual, he still napped on my chest, held my fingers as he nursed, and smiled sweetly while we played.  I am filled with more love for this boy each day.

Happy 100 Days, Jackson Lee! 

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