Friday, May 13, 2011

1 Month Check--Wednesday, May 11

Quick stats from Jackson's 1 moth check up today:
Height-23 1/4 inches, 94th percentile
Weight-11 lb, 1 oz 80th percentile
Head-15 1/4 inches, 60th percentile

The doctor asked standard questions about his eating, sleeping, lifting his head, response to noise, following with eyes, etc.  He said to be on the look out for Jackson rolling over since he is so alert and active.  We go back next month for weight/measurement checks and immunizations.

In retrospect, I am totally impressed with how smoothly everything went this morning.  I didn't over analyze anything, which is rare.  I just quickly tossed things in the diaper bag, put Jackson in the carseat, and drove off.  (Our first appointment we spent 30 minutes getting ready before we even left the house.)  There were no issues with the taking the carseat out, waiting in the office, undressing or changing him, etc.  I think this was the first time I felt confident about going out.  My next big test is taking him to school this Friday.

We had a rough night last night full of constant eating and not sleeping.  Jackson and I both took an hour nap when we got home.  Jesse is cooking dinner tonight and it's my turn to go to choir rehearsal.  (We decided to alternate who gets to sing each week.)  So excited to participate in pre-pregnancy activities and get out of the house by myself for a few hours!

Our favorite naptime position

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