Friday, May 13, 2011

I Miss My Class!--Friday, May 13

The swaddle was a success!  Jackson slept 4.5 hours, was awake for 45 minutes, then slept another 3 hours, awake another 30 minutes, and slept 2 more hours.  I used the shushing, swinging, and sucking to get him back to sleep fairly quickly after the diaper changes.  Hooray! 

While I was nursing Jackson this morning I noticed how much of his hair had fallen out in my hand when I was holding his head.  He had such thick, dark hair when he was born.  My poor baby is going bald!

I've been nervous all week about taking Jackson to school.  Our kids take the End of Grade tests next week so I wanted to wish them well.  I hate that I'm not the one administering the test since I've worked with them all year, but Jackson has certainly become number one.  Three years ago I started an EOG ice cream party kick off for the 5th grade to get them pumped.  I had talked with my colleagues ahead of time and agreed to bring the ice cream at 2:45. 

I dressed Jackson in this adorable outfit.  He only wears shoes on special occasions.  ; D

I made sure to nurse from both sides right before we left so I didn't have to worry about feeding him at school.  He was sleeping so I just carried him in my arms and ran into Food Lion on the way to get a couple gallons of ice cream.  I snuck up on my class through the back door.  The kids were ridiculously excited to see me and they didn't even know I had Jackson with me.  I miss teaching so very much!  I didn't let any student hold him but they patted his feet and tried to hold his hand while he was in the carseat. 

We enjoyed company and ice cream for 30 minutes before the bell rang.  I walked the kids out and then let the staff pass him around.  He was starting to suck on the back of his hand so I knew I had best be leaving so I could avoid rush hour traffic and a screaming, hungry baby. Thankfully I made it back home in perfect time and fed him before he began to really cry.

Since Jesse beat me home, he took it upon himself to box up the SnuggleNest and exchange it for the Rest Assured Sleeper at Babies-R-Us.  I find it somewhat unethical that he returned something we've used nightly for the last month, but I'm glad we didn't waste $40.  We debated back and forth about which co-sleeper to buy when we first came home from the hospital.  We decided on the Snuggle Nest because it promoted an ease of nursing since there were no rails.  Unfortunately, as Jackson grew in length and strength, the lack of rails allowed him to constantly kick and pivot himself sideways.  In the past few days he's even been able to  turn himself upside down, fully outside of the Snuggle Nest.  The good thing about the Rest Assured Sleeper is that it fully encloses so Jackson can't possibly kick himself out.  It has three settings on lights, a greater variety of music (womb, lullaby, meadow), and it vibrates!  I will have to physically sit up and pick him up to nurse, but I feel more secure that I can't roll over him.

Jesse grilled hamburgers for dinner tonight.  I sure love a good Carolina burger!  We plan to cuddle on the couch as a family and watch game shows.  Tomorrow is going to be a very big day with our first road trip (2 hours away) and my graduation ceremony for my Master's Degree. 

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