Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Play Time--Wednesday, May 25

Jackson had a rough night last night with a choking incident around 2 a.m.  It was scary enough to get Jesse and I both out of bed trying to alleviate his gagging.  He was sobbing and gagging.  I had to suction his mouth and hit his back really hard.  The rest of the night I let Jackson sleep on my chest or right beside me and I just watched him.  After Jesse went to work I moved the co-sleeper and pillows out of the way and Jackson and I took up the whole bed.  We slept until 9:30. 

Jackson was content in the crib while I showered and dried my hair.  Jackson has been losing significant amounts of hair and he has been struggling with the dreaded cradle cap for a few days now.  I've tried to use a warm wash cloth and a tooth brush to scrub his scalp, but I think that makes his hair fall out even more.  We haven't tried baby oil or dandruff shampoo yet.

After we were both dressed and able to eat a late breakfast, we watched the season finale of Glee.  I began the wash cycle of diapers and loaded the dishwasher.  After another nursing session and diaper change I put Jackson in the car and we headed off to Wal Mart.  Jackson was content in the car but once I placed him in the Ergo he started to cry.   I needed to make a return so we had to wait in the customer service line.  My face was flush as his cries got louder.  I knew he was fighting sleep so I just swayed and shushed as loud as I could until he fell asleep a few minutes later.  I swear, time slows down when he cries in public. 

After receiving store credit, I hit the baby aisle in search of a play mat.  Of all the things we were given, this is the one item I wanted but didn't have.  I know Jackson needs to be stimulated with color and noise that he can interact with.  I also purchased some rechargeable batteries since I have already blown through a pack of AA batteries for the camera.  It was after 1 when we left the store so I made an impulse decision to go through the drive-thru.  It was time for both Jackson and I to eat again as soon as we got home.  Once he was settled I put the play mat together.  So far the cats seem to enjoy it more than Jackson does, but he was very content.  He isn't really grabbing specific objects, but he looks around happily and makes lots of noise.

I was surprised to receive a phone call from my sister (who is a mother of 8) to ask me about pumping.  I have probably called her over a hundred times asking for advice throughout my pregnancy and these first few weeks, it is ironic for me to be able to provide any knowledgeable input or answers.  So far I have 40 ounces of milk frozen (eight 5-oz bags) and am still able to give Jackson a bottle every other night and nurse exclusively (except the occasional bottles).

Seven o'clock is notoriously known as the fussy hour.  We try to have dinner and dishes taken care of before 7 so we can try to comfort Jackson.  He just fell asleep while trying to get his pacifier back in his mouth.  Unfortunately we need to wake him soon for bath time and pajamas.

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