Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fussing, Pumping, and Paperwork--Thursday, May 5

Jackson would not stop talking last night!!  He was wide awake and so loud from 3-6.  Thankfully we were able to sleep in until 8:30 and we stayed in our pajamas half of the morning.

I had planned on venturing out to the local greenway to take Jackson in the jogging stroller.  Unfortunately, we never even made it outside.  This little guy was so needy and fussy most of the day.  It's not that he was crying constantly, he just couldn't get settled.  He's always fighting sleep.  He took one nap earlier today on me but when I moved him to the bassinet he woke up within 15 minutes.  He spent the entire day in 10-15 minute rotations in my arms, the couch, bassinet, swing, bouncer, changing table, wrapped up in the swaddle, on my lap, on the dryer, etc. 

Straight Jacket Swaddle
My goal this week was to establish a good pumping routine.  I don't think I'm going to make it!  I've tried pumping in between feedings, during feedings (opposite side), and immediately after feedings.  The problem with the double pump is I can't exactly tend to Jackson's needs (i.e. burp him, hold him, clean spit up) when I'm holding two suction cups to my chest.  I can't relax in a reclined position because the milk won't drain in the bottle.  The whole process makes me tense.  Regardless, I was able to pump 5.5 ounces during two pumping sessions right after nursing him.  I was impressed with that amount, but my boobs feel a bit deflated at the current moment.  Yesterday I pumped 4 ounces in two sessions and Jackson ate all 4 ounces in a bottle in 15 minutes!  I don't know how to pump excess to freeze because the child is always eating.  We are still battling thrush and it hurts SO BADLY when he latches.  I would almost rather pump exclusively.

Jackson's insurance card, social security card, and birth certificate have all come in the mail over the past three days.  Jesse faxed the birth certificate to HR and they responded letting me know I now need to write a check for over $500  for "a one time escrow fee".  I'm sorry...I didn't realize I was only allowed to give birth during the 30 day usual enrollment schedule!  We also got the bill from the hospital (what we owe before insurance).  Some of the fees were ridiculous, including $1,000 pharmacy charge.  I didn't even have any drugs??? 

It just dawned on me that is has nearly been a year since I've consumed alcohol.  In honor of Cinco de Mayo, I could really go for a margarita.  I doubt that is in my cards for this evening...

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