Saturday, May 28, 2011

Grumpy--Friday, May 27

I have been in a bad mood all day for no apparent reason.  The smallest things are just sending me over the edge.  I didn't go anywhere.  I followed our extremely mundane routine of showering, dressing, nursing and changing Jackson, eating breakfast, and so on.  There was the usual watching TV, reading, unloading the dishwasher, and washing/drying a load of cloth diapers.  And of course, more nursing and diaper changes.  I think the weather helped attribute to my poor attitude as I had planned on going to the greenway but it rained all day.  (Obviously I hadn't checked the weather report.)

Once Jesse got home we discussed where to go eat for our weekly date night.  I have a new appreciation for louder restaurants where I know any potential cries will just blend in with the surrounding noise.  Since we were eating between 6-7 p.m., we knew there was a good chance Jackson would get tired and grumpy towards the end of the meal.  Today was Jackson's first outing in the rain.  He has been in the car while it is raining, but we've somehow been able to avoid carrying him in the pouring rain...until today.  Only his legs got wet.

Even though I had just gone to Wal Mart yesterday, we went by again to get some windshield wipers.  I only remember mine don't work when it is raining and I can't see.  Convenient, huh?  Anyway, I made Jesse run in while I sat with Jackson so we didn't have to go out in the rain.  Jesse came back with windshield wipers that fit a Toyota Camry.  Too bad they don't fit the Toyota Corolla that I drive.  Grr...

Jesse wanted seafood so we went to the Mayflower.  I've discovered that most booths are not wide enough for the car seat to fit, but fortunately we could move the table at this particular restaurant.  (We ate there a week before my due date and I remember struggling to fit in the booth then, too!)  All went smoothly.  We brought a bottle of expressed milk just in case, but Jackson didn't need it.  He was content with his pacifier while we happily ate yummy shrimp and fish.

My mood became increasingly foul throughout the evening and I got Jackson ready for bed alone while Jesse watched TV downstairs.  The highlight of my day was watching The Wedding Planner on TV after everyone else fell asleep.

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