Friday, May 13, 2011

The Happiest Baby on the Block--Thursday, May 12

I guess the lack of sleep is catching up with me, because we didn't start our day until 9:45!  I just refused to finish sleeping at our usual 8 a.m. time.  We dressed, ate, and Jackson enjoyed his usual morning swing time.

I decided it was finally time to brave Wal Mart with Jackson.  We only needed gravy mix and doughnuts (breakfast night!) so I thought it would be a good trial run.  I of course waited until he had finished nursing and I had a chance to change his diaper.  I packed the diaper bag just in case, though I didn't anticipate being out long enough to need it.  Once we got there I put him in the Ergo and walked around.  I found other things to buy, including Lansinoh nursing pads, which are WAY cheaper at Wal Mart than they are at Babies-R-Us. 

While I was already out, I drove across the street to Books-a-Million.  Jackson slept peacefully snuggled up beside my chest in the Ergo.  After reading so many great reviews, I was on a mission to get The Happiest Baby on the Block.  I saw Baby Wise, which is a very controversial book that outlines a structured schedule dictated by the parent and not the child.  I went ahead and purchased both books.  There was a lady parked beside me at Books-a-Million who was eating her lunch in her car.  She saw me go in the mall and she was finishing her lunch when I returned to the car.  She came out and said, "Wow!  You've got this mom-on-the-go thing down pat."  Such a silly comment, but I was just beaming!

It was nearly 3 p.m. when we got back home.  I read about 30 pages in The Happiest Baby on the Block, folded laundry, and fed and changed Jackson while Jesse napped.  The book is intended for babies with colic, which Jackson hasn't indicated any real signs of colic thus far.  I wanted to read it anyway because everyone just raves about the various techniques to calm a baby in minutes.  The book outlines specific ways to soothe a fussy baby with the 5 S's:
1. Swaddle
2. Side/Stomach position
3. Shushing (white noise)
4. Swinging
5. Sucking
I'm excited to read more and try the techniques tonight.  For now dinner and bath time awaits...

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