Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lunch Dates--Thursday, May 26

It was a busy day for Jackson and I.  Our big plans included three different lunch dates before heading to Jesse's school so he could show off Jackson to his coworkers.  We were both fed, cleaned, and dressed by 9 a.m.  I was hoping to be able feed Jackson again before we left, but he was asleep.  Jackson slept the entire forty minute car ride.  I was mad when I realized twenty minutes down the road that I left the camera at home.

Our first stop included lunch with Emily, my niece/godchild.  After checking in at the office Jackson and I waited outside the cafeteria to surprise her.  Em was excited to see us as well as to be able to bring her friend over to the special table where guests sit.  I kept Jackson in the carseat so that I could rock him and give him the paci to buy time before I had to feed him.  (It had been two hours since his last feeding so I knew he'd be getting hungry.)  We sat near a door that led to the office.  This random little kid came running by, tripped over the carseat, and threw up all over the floor about two feet away from Jackson.  UGH!  Staff members cleaned it up so there was the lovely aroma of vomit and chemicals while eating.  This is why I didn't want to take Jackson to a primary school!  Besides seeing Emily, a highlight of the lunch was seeing my sister-in-law April and her younger children who came to eat lunch my nephew who is in kindergarten.

I had just enough time after lunch with Emily to nurse Jackson in the parking lot before heading off to Christopher's school.  I had eaten lunch with him just days before Jackson was born, so his teacher was excited to meet Jackson.  His teacher and I made quick small talk (as we are both 5th grade teachers) before I found a seat.  Fifth grade humor is right up my alley and Christopher's friends crack me up.  They were having a staring contest with Jackson and amazed that he rarely blinked.  I wish I enjoyed eating lunch with my own students as much, but I just want a break from them during the day. 

I changed Jackson's diaper in the car before heading off to my third lunch date with my sisters at Shrimp Boat.  (Note: Lunches were over the course of three hours and I grazed each time.  I didn't binge with three full meals.)  Jackson was fighting sleep and was moderately fussy.  Jackson can scream his head off, but as long as I'm not alone with him in public I don't feel paranoid.  I don't know why a crying child makes me feel guilty and judged when I'm alone, but it does!  We all took turns passing children around while laughing and eating.  Random fact, it costs $0.27 to get a refill at Shrimp Boat.  Who knew?

I was hoping to visit my great aunts since I drove right by their assisted living apartments.  I fed Jackson again in the parking lot before heading in to the apartment complex.  It was a completely random visit and neither one of them were home.  I wasn't surprised since they are the most active, fit 70 year-olds I know.  I did visit with some elderly ladies in rocking chairs on the porch.  Old people just love babies!

I arrived at Jesse's school immediately after dismissal and ended up in the car-rider lane.  Oh well!  I eventually found a parking space and carried Jackson inside.  I recognized most of his coworkers from the wonderful baby shower they through us.  They all took turns admiring and holding Jackson.  I fed Jackson once more in Jesse's classroom before driving another half hour home. 

Once home, we spent some tummy time and played on the play mat.  I was excited to see Jackson hold onto one of the toys, then turn his head while I was talking to him.

Jesse and I cooked dinner together, ate, cleaned dishes, and relaxed on the couch.  I love seeing Jesse interact with Jackson, especially now that Jackson is smiling and making different sounds.  Have I mentioned how much more I love and respect my husband now that he is the father of my child?

Fortunately this picture was taken minutes before Jackson vomited obscene amounts of milk.  Seriously, it should have won some kind of spit up award as it required a full wardrobe change for both Jackson and Jesse.  Might as well call it a night...

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