Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Home Alone-Again--Monday, May 23

Today was the third weekday that Jackson and I were stuck at home while Jesse drove my car.  Jesse called the auto body shop and was told that it would be a few WEEKS before the parts come in from Japan to repair his car.  His next phone call was to the insurance company to request a rental car. 

Since I had nowhere to go, I watched the Glee marathon I had recorded in between laundry, dishes, feedings, and diaper changes.  I rocked Jackson or had him in my lap and danced during each song.  He was smiling with every song.  Normally it makes me go crazy being stuck at home, but we had such a busy day yesterday that it was nice to crash at home.  I put Jackson in the shower and took the worlds fastest shower and scrunched my hair up with some mousse before he even fussed!

Quick recap on yesterday:
Our church had a pot-luck breakfast to honor the high school graduates.  We gorged on country ham biscuits, danishes, fruit, grits, and breakfast casserole while socializing with our church family.  Jackson is all smiles lately so the church members just ate him up!  After church I was able to meet up with some friends for a late lunch yesterday.  It was my first purely social outing with just Jackson and I.  I knew Jackson would be hungry but I was hoping he would eat in the restaurant.  After only ten minutes on the road he was screaming bloody murder.  I had to pull over in a parking lot to feed him.  By the time we got to lunch Jackson was completely passed out.  He never woke up the entire two hours we were there, even with being held and passed around.  It was really nice to enjoy lunch (banana nut french toast with maple whipped cream) with friends, especially when Jackson was sweetly sleeping.  Jesse's mom, Jan, came over in the evening to admire her growing grandson.  I was proud of myself for being able to calm his cries, nurse in front of her, and show off the new diapers.

Once Jesse came home after work we drove to the car rental shop to get a rental car.  Since it was already getting late Jesse went through the Chick-Fil-A drive through.  We ate dinner and got Jackson ready for bed with a bath, story, pajamas, and nursing.  Last night he slept 5.5 hours straight!!  I'm hoping and praying he will do the same tonight.

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