Sunday, May 29, 2011

Big Boy in the Crib--Sunday, May 29

Jackson ended up sleeping in his crib the whole night last night (8 pm-6 am).  It started out as a trial run.  Jackson was incredibly fussy yesterday evening, crying at a volume that is out of character for him.  We had already put his pajamas and night diaper on him and were following the 5 S's (swaddling, side/stomach, shushing, swinging, sucking).  It took longer than usual to calm him but he finally fell asleep at 8 p.m., an hour earlier than normal.  Since Jesse and I weren't ready for bed, I put him in the crib because that is where the monitor is located.  

Jesse and I headed upstairs an hour later and Jackson was still sleeping peacefully.  We agreed to let Jackson sleep in the crib until the first feeding.  It took me a while to fall asleep as I was closely listening to every little sound coming from the monitor.  Jack didn't wake up to eat until 12:40 a.m.  I fed him in the recliner in the nursery and laid him back down in the crib after burping him.  He slept until 4:45 a.m. when I fed and burped him again before putting him back in the crib.  I paced the hallway listening to him, then went downstairs to pump and start the dishwasher.  I still couldn't sleep so I brought Jackson in our bed and laid beside him.  He awoke at 7:30 for his final feeding before we all showered and dressed.

I wanted to cuddle with him so badly but I know he needs to able to sleep on his own.  I slept on the floor of my parent's bedroom every single night until I was 9 years old.  I refuse to let my children do that!  Just like the bottle, I want to introduce the crib before Jackson is too set in his ways and won't transition smoothly.  Jackson was so cramped in his tiny cosleeper; he had just a few inches of room to spare and he kept hitting the sides.  I was surprised to see that Jackson had wiggled both of his arms free from the tightly wound SwaddleMe and had squirmed himself from directly under the mobile to the bottom corner of the crib.  I didn't think he could move that much.  I quickly untied the crib bumper at 1 a.m.  This is how I found him at 6 a.m.:
After not cuddling with my baby during the night, he's been in my arms almost the entire day.  As soon as I dressed Jackson for church, he was smiling, cooing, and playing.

We sit in the back pew at church now so I can nurse discretely and we can leave to change his diaper without walking in front of anyone.  Jackson was fighting sleep and began crying loud enough for Jesse to take him in the parlor.  Of course Jackson fell asleep immediately after the service.  Five different people came up to us after the service to admire Jackson and say how much they enjoy hearing him.  He is the only infant in the congregation and everyone adores him.

The woman who sat directly in front of us asked me how long I planned on breastfeeding.  I replied, "Hopefully, as long as he wants to."  She smiled and began telling me how she breastfed her son until he was 2.5 years old and that her son used to walk up to her and say "milk, milk".  I'm passionate about breastfeeding and certainly respect her choice, but I don't think I'll be nursing long enough for my son to walk up and ask for it!

Jackson is currently napping in my arms while I type.  Jesse is exchanging my windshield wipers for me.  (I can't handle multiple Wal Mart trips in one week.)  We are going to enjoy a cookout with the in-laws later this evening.  I'm crossing my fingers that our second night in the crib is another success.

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